Angel Compass Network for Charity, founded in 2014, is a non-profit organization based in New York City that aims to provide a social and business network for philanthropic professionals. We see angels, whether secular or otherwise, as figures who always want to help others in need. We chose the name “Angel Compass” because we provide direction for those who want to give back. Our dream is to build a massive online social and business platform that connects members through online profiles, and empowers members to coordinate their own events using the network.

The members of Angel Compass coordinate large business networking events, connect those in the network and establish a structure for giving back at our events. Our members democratically vote for which charities we will benefit at our next event, which are ultimately selected by our Charity Committee. We are always open to new suggestions. Angel Compass Network strives to be an equal opportunity non-profit, with representation from all genders, races and economic background.

By attending one of our charity fundraising events, you are immediately welcomed into the Angel Compass Network. Business professionals can find contacts at our events to build their network, generate more business, sponsor events, advertise and blog using a tiered membership structure. The more you give to the network, the more you have the opportunity to build your business, creating a mutually beneficial system. All membership dues and event admission fees will be funneled to charity so we can collectively make a bigger difference.