Elyssa Kohlhagen

Current Position
Graphic Designer, Marketing
Designing in my Dreams
Graphic Design - Freelance
BS Skidmore College & MPS Pratt Institute
My name is Elyssa and I am a passionate graphic designer with an interest in branding, digital design, stationery products and design trend research. I currently work in the luxury travel industry as the sole graphic designer on an in-house marketing team. My responsibilities include conceptualizing, designing, producing, printing and managing marketing materials, company collateral and advertisements. In addition to this role, I have spent my weekends at Pratt Institute, completing my Master’s Degree in Design Management. I will be graduating this May with a focus on leading productive creative teams, bridging design and business, and facilitating innovation. Balancing my full-time job and my school work has been a challenge for me but has taught me how to delegate, prioritize and organize all of my responsibilities. In my free time, you can find me browsing the aisles of Paper Source and Papyrus - seeking inspiration, gawking at the window displays on Fifth Avenue, pinning away on Pinterest (@emk0330), doodling in Adobe Illustrator, or creating custom cards and wine labels for my friends and family.
Charitable Interests