Gregory Knight

Current Position
Licensed Realtor / CBDO*
BOND NY / Assured Abstract - NYC
Real Estate
Stony Brook University
New York, NY
"I’ve known Greg for the last two and a half years and I’ve always been amazed by his creativity, enthusiasm and ability to get things done. Greg is one of the most connected people I know. His infectious energy inspires everyone in the room to step up to the plate and rally behind his ideas, while he leads a collaborative effort to see a project through to the end. Greg has been an invaluable asset to our non-profit, Angel Compass, bringing experience from PinkTie and his other philanthropic endeavors. I’d encourage everyone to tap into Greg’s knowledge and contacts to help with their real estate or financial business. He is solely focused on bringing value to the situation, which not only helps with his business, but also grows Angel Compass’ impact within the community. Thank you Greg for everything that you do. " Jeff
Charitable Interests
Former board member at with success in raising funds in an effort to fight breast cancer. Currently Marketing Dirextor at in an effort to help support local children in need.