Jared Rubin

Current Position
Sr. Software Engineer
Technology/Software Development
B.S. Computer Science
Saratoga Springs, New York Area
With a background in computer science and a passion for building software, I figured it would only make sense that I use my unique skill set as a full stack software engineer to build something that can really make a difference to a lot of people. This charity platform allows the events to be planned, created, and run by Angel Compass board and committee members. Removing the need for me to be the only person who can update the website allows for a much more efficient solution and is very helpful since many of us own businesses or have kids and, therefore, don't have much time in the first place. The possibilities to make a difference here are endless and I really don't think that there's a better use of my time for me give back then this and I'm very grateful for the opportunity. On a lighter note, I like to dance with people who don't care about looking stupid. Also, I hate dancing.
Charitable Interests
I sincerely enjoy giving back to anybody who deserves it, especially those who are never expecting anything in return for what they do. If I had to pick one group of people in particular though, veterans almost always come to my mind first. I'm not sure that everybody truly understands just how much they're actually sacrificing and what they're giving up/leaving behind so that we can enjoy our lives. I plan on doing everything I can to make sure that when they come home to their family and friends that they too can enjoy their lives and get any help that they might need.