Jenn Smaragdas

Current Position
Director of Operations
C3S CoRE Consulting Inc
Engineering, Commercial Real Estate
New York
CoRE is a Real Estate and Construction Consulting firm serving clients in the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, Southeast, Northern Midwest and West Coast. Its staff is comprised of engineers, construction managers, and real estate professionals that handle an array of projects ranging from Property Condition Assessments and Real Estate Due Diligence services, to Construction feasibility & funding analyses. CoRE has developed a strong relationship with equity participants, that regularly engage the firm to conduct Plan & Cost Reviews on build out projects, expansions, and ground-up developments. Equity Investors look to CoRE as experts in the field and as an extension of their internal due diligence teams. With unmatched customer service, quality deliverables, and technical knowledge, CoRE clients place trust in our responsiveness, guarantee of class performance, and representation of their interests.
Charitable Interests