Naman Srivastava

Current Position
VP Finance & Business Development
RealBlocks (Techstars Barclays NYC '17)
Real Estate Investing
Real Estate | Blockchain
Greater New York City Area
Naman comes from a background in the built environment, real estate finance, and technology. He has a passion for working on innovative businesses with disruptive potential and positive societal impact. At Harvard University, Naman studied more than a dozen startups in real estate blockchain space, understanding their business models, value proposition, and the underlying technology. Before that, he worked on government-sponsored research projects to modernize the land records, titles and deed registration process. In 2016, he co-authored a book on establishing sustainable enterprises in a challenging business environment of affordable housing in India. Before that, he worked in the Middle East based real estate consultancy on residential, commercial and hospitality projects in Asia and Africa. #proptech, #blockchain, #realestate
Charitable Interests