Tom Gibson

Original tom gibson

Current Position
Business Development Specialist
Interchange Business Organization
Business Development Networking
Long Island NY
Tom Gibson is the founder of Interchange Business Organization (IBO) a business development, networking organization where people learn, grow and build relationships with a team of professionals. All the members share in The Interchange which is the exchange of Ideas, Values, Experiences and Knowledge. This unique approach enhances each member’s relationships with the others around the table. IBO believes networking is all about building relationships. To really be a networker you need to have the ability to build on “Know, Like Trust”; you need to connect at a higher level. When a networker has that special business relationship with another business professional the introductions and referrals are exceptional. Tom Gibson began IBO in 2006 with the notion that businesses can dramatically increase sales through the right connections. Described by members as a “true networker” Tom has grown the businesses of his contacts by understanding their businesses and recognizing opportunities that complement each other. Finding connections that exponentially lead to several clients is a skill Tom has been perfecting over the years. Networking isn’t just about introducing people it is about introducing the right people. Finding the connections that work is what a true networker does. It is nice to get a referral for a potential client it is fantastic to get an introduction to a person that can give you multiple potential clients. Tom has been teaching the members of IBO how they can connect their contacts to potential clients and even more rewarding potential referral sources. Networking groups can get boring. With this in mind Tom reworked the old notion of networking and injected IBO with a new twist, The Interchange which brings out the passions of the members. Sales people have been using the Elevator Pitch for decades. IBO feels networkers should have their talk. IBO developed the Connection Exchange which is about; who you are. Focus on an amazing success story that shows your value in how you brought success to another. Share your passion trough what drives you.
Charitable Interests
Educating our youth. We can ensure a great future by helping children succeed through education in academics, physically and mind.